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Mar 2-31 Food Fight Challenge



The FOOD FIGHT is FUN way for local business partners of all sizes to step up and ensure low-income children get nutritious lunches this summer. It’s a friendly competition for teams to raise the most funds, food, and volunteer hours. Everyone wins when we fight hunger and end summer hunger.


All activities (funds raised, pounds of food and hours of volunteer service) are awarded points. The points are tallied based on a points-to-employees system which levels the playing field among businesses.
Whether you have 5 employees or 500, your efforts will be treated equally. Points are divided by the number of employees at your location to create an employee-to-point ratio. *Points System included.


  • Inspire and excite your employees and colleagues to make a difference
  • Be part of an effort to improve the health of our community
  • Help ensure that children have nutritious meals this summer
  • Get great press visibility and share your contribution on social media
  • Wear your organization-logo attire when volunteering

Our goal this year is to collect 100 volunteer hours, 10,000 pounds of food, and $10,000. If your organization anticipates raising $5,000, you will be included in our first press release. Sign up by Feb 20th to be included.




  • Sign-up and create your own unique fundraising page on the Foodbank website. It’s easy! *Instructions included.
  • Challenge another department, organization, or competitor
  • Get the Challenge on video, post to your unique campaign page, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, website, and share with everyone
  • We’ll post updates on the Foodbank website and Facebook page (Foodbank SB)

Collection Canisters: Participants may pick up boxes, collection barrels, and cash boxes at the Foodbank during the month of February. Sign up for your own unique online fundraising campaign through the Foodbank website.

Foodbank Facility 490 W. Foster Road Santa Maria, CA — 2nd Driveway
M-F, 7 am – 3 pm


Food Fight Poster


  • Feb Sign up for the Challenge and Pick up supplies at the Foodbank Facility
  • Feb 20 Deadline to sign up with $5,000 pledge and get in on press release
  • Feb 28 Deadline to sign up for the FOOD FIGHT
  • Mar 2-6 Kick-off Week, Press Release issued
  • Mar 2–31 Opportunities to volunteer *See Volunteer Opportunities calendar
  • Mar 31 Food Fight Ends
  • Apr 10 Celebration Food Fight event and Winner Announced!

Point System

Activity Points Description
Fundraise  $1 = 10 pts
  • Every dollar donated buys 8 meals
  • There are many fun ways to get employees giving. We suggest: auctioning off lunch with the CEO or special privileges (VIP parking space or casual dress days), jean days, bake sales, and making a donation instead of buying birthday cakes or gifts
  • Employees who join our monthly giving “Harvest of the Month Club”gain twice the points/dollar during the Challenge
  • Employee gifts matched by the company
Volunteer  1 hour = 10 pts
  • Repackage bulk food at the Foodbank
  • Sort donated food and produce
    Collect food and funds at local grocery stores
  • Hold thank-a-thons by calling donors at Foodbank offices.
Donate Food  1 lb = 1pt
  • The Foodbank relies on donations of produce and shelf-stable foods year-round. Find out more about what we need here.
  • Have fun with a cool and unique competition to create sculptures out of shelf-stable foods the donate the food.



Hot and Spicy Edamame

Edamame are highly nutritious and rich in bioactives (having
activity in the body) compounds called isoflavones which makes
this vegetable a functional food i.e. having a function beyond its
basic nutritional value. Rich in amino acids, it is an economical
source of protein and has the distinction of being the most
complete of all vegetable proteins.

Luckily edamame are delicious and easy to prepare. These
versatile beans have a buttery, nutty flavor and can be eaten hot
or cold as a snack or as an addition to stir-fries, salads, casseroles,
or soups. To prepare fresh, unshelled edamame clean and rinse
pods, add them to a pot of boiling, salted water and cook for
four to five minutes. To eat suck the tender beans out of the pod
as the pod is not edible. Alternatively, you can open the pods
with your fingers to remove the succulent beans. Another way
to prepare shelled edamame is to roast them like peanuts in a
hot oven for ten minutes or until they start to have golden flecks.
Frozen beans can be cooked in a similar fashion to fresh but
require a few more minutes of cooking time.

Edamame are featured in the May lesson of Food Literacy
in Preschool Program (FLIP). FLIP introduces unique fruits and
vegetables to young children, ages 3, 4 and 5 from diverse
backgrounds. FLIP utilizes colorful, fun, age-appropriate
interactive lesson plans that promote both nutritious eating and
physical activity.

Hot and spicy edamame


1 tsp chili powder
1/4 tsp cracked red pepper
1/2 tsp Mexican oregano
2 tsps salt, divided
1 lb fresh edamame in the pod


Heat 1 tsp salt, chili powder and pepper flakes in a small skillet
with no oil. Stir until hot and fragrant. Remove from heat and mix
in oregano. Add fresh edamame pods to salted boiling water
and cook for about four to five minutes. Drain and pat dry. Toss
with the chili-oregano mixture and serve warm.
Serves 4, serving size 1 cup