At the Foodbank we are not only concerned with keeping people fed today, but we are working to create innovative programs that will use good nutrition to ensure the healthy future of our community.

Foodbank is committed to finding a solution for childhood hunger, for working families and for seniors. Part of the Foodbank’s solution to building a food secure community also involves teaching people how to grow their own food and allowing the community to donate produce from their own properties.

Program Children Families Seniors Adults
Feed The Future Programs
Brown Bag Program
Picnic in the Park
Healthy School Pantry
Mobile Farmers Market
Mobile Food Pantry
Backyard Bounty  ■
Grocery Rescue
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    Feed the Future is a series of sequential, innovative programs designed to foster nutritional independence and health in children, from the womb to high school graduation.

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    Find out more about how we improve the lives of over 140,000 people countywide. Then come join the Foodbank team by volunteering for our programs.

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    We listen and learn with our 300+ nonprofit partners, always with eyes on the prize of an end to hunger in Santa Barbara County.