Join Jacob

Wetsuit“Hi. I would like to invite you to part of something awesome this summer: the JOIN JACOB Triathlon Team. We will be competing in the Santa Barbara Triathlon sprint course on Sunday, August 24th and fundraising for the Foodbank. Two years ago, I competed in the Santa Barbara Triathlon and raised over $4,600 and last summer, my friend, Dario, and I, raised almost $13,000 and completed the Carpinteria Triathlon. This summer we want a whole TEAM of kids. I hope you will join the team. We need incredible kids like you. ” — Your friend,  Jacob Mansbach, President of JOIN JACOB and Team Leader.
sbt_logoAs a member of the team, you will learn and grow in many ways. You will learn about the Foodbank and how it helps children and families, about how to volunteer your time to help others, about setting goals and working to meet them and about the power we posses to do something meaningful.

We are looking for energetic kids between ages 7 – 18 to join our team. The team goals are to complete the spring course of the Santa Barbara Triathlon and to raise $25,000 to help provide kids with nutritious meals.


  • How do I participate? Please email Jen Mansbach, JOIN JACOB Triathlon Team Coordinator, by June 6th to reserve a spot. She will host an informational meeting at her home and provide leadership throughout the process.
  • What are we fundraising for? The Foodbank kids4foodbankprovides nutritious food and education to children in our community. Did you know that 1 in 5 kids is at risk of hunger in our community? JOIN JACOB wants to change that.
    A special thank you to Joe Coito, Race Director of Santa Barbara Triathlon, Inc., for supporting the team.