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      Phone: (805) 967-5741
      Fax: (805) 683-4951
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Please contact staff for questions or additional information using their respective North County (NC) (805) 937-3422 or South County (SC) (805) 967-5741 phone numbers or click on their name for an email connection:


Erik Talkin, Chief Executive Officer (805) 967-5741 x 100
Jamie Nichols, Director of Operations – SC ext 105
Jane Lindsey, Chief Development & Resource Officer – SC ext 101
Carrie Wanek, Chief Financial Officer – SC ext 113


Our Operations team at the Foodbank is responsible for the safe and efficient distribution of nutritious food through our network of non-profits and community programs. With a fleet of over 10 vehicles and over 30,000 feet of warehouse space, we’re capable of fielding and distributing more food than any non-profit in the county.
Jamie Nichols, Director of Operations – SC ext 105
Paul Ramirez, Warehouse Mgr – NC x 103
John Rivas, Warehouse Mgr – NC ext 102
Lee Sherman, Grants Mgr – SC ext 107
Glen De St. Jean, Warehouse Asst – NC
Jamie Diggs, Partner Services Mgr – NC ext 103
Steve Hoxie, Warehouse Supervisor/Safety – (805) 451-7085
John Huerta, Warehouse Asst – SC
Manny Marquez, Warehouse Staff – NC
Josh Place, Warehouse Supervisor – SC
Tim Pompe, Warehouse Asst – SC
Louie Reyes, Warehouse Asst – NC
Fred Smith, Warehouse Asst – SC
Dave Toy, Warehouse Asst – NC
Jose Trejo, Warehouse Asst – NC
Fernando Tejeda, Warehouse Asst -SC
Martin Valdiviezo, Warehouse Asst – NC
Liz Woollard, Partner Services Coord – SC x 111
Cynthia Youngern, Warehouse Asst – NC


Whether it’s a national food retailer or a neighbor with a fruit tree, our Food Sourcing team actively procures millions of pounds of healthy food every year. In addition to receiving daily donations from community members, local retailers, and farmers, we also purchase millions of pounds of food to supplement our donated inventory, often for only a few cents on the dollar.
Jamie Nichols, Director of Operations – SC ext 105
Robin Coutu, Senior Food Sourcing & Purchasing Mgr – NC ext 108
Lori Bailey, Food Sourcing Coordinator – NC ext 110
Backyard Bounty Coordinator – (805) 403-8327


Carrie Wanek, Chief Financial Officer – SC ext 113
Sara Rudeen, Accounting/Human Resource Assoc – SC ext 114

IMPACT DEPARTMENT (Community Programs)

Emily Altman, Child Hunger Corps Member – (805) 319-6178
Eloisa Chavez, Community Programs Coord – (805) 284-5407
Melissa Fontaine, Community Impact Manager – (805) 335 3181
Kyli Gallington, Senior Community Programs Mgr – (805) 403-5679
Erin Hansen, RDN, Community Nutrition Coord – (805) 680-8274
Amy Lopez, Outreach Mgr – (805) 314-6823
Angie Rios, CalFresh Advocate – SC
Marina Morales, CalFresh Advocate – NC
Daniel Martinez, Compliance Coord – (805) 450-1292


This team of individuals works to build resources for the Foodbank: 1) Funds through individuals, corporations and foundation 2) Volunteers, community leaders and knowledge philanthropists like you 3) Food as a result of community hosted food drives. For more information about volunteering, making a donation, attending a fundraising event, sponsoring a program or grant related inquiries, please reach out to someone in this department.
Jane Lindsey, Chief Development & Resource Officer – SC ext 101
Darlene Chavez, Community Leadership Coord – NC ext 109
Diane Durst, Stewardship & Events Mgr – SC ext 104
Melissa Howard, Community Leadership Coord – SC ext 112
Sunita Jethmalani, Director of Grants – SC x 120
Misha Karbelnig, Development Manager – SC ext 119
Judi Monte, Development Manager – NC ext 106
Matthew Neal, Director of Strategic Gifts – SC ext 116
Suzanne Wedow, Grants Mgr – SC ext 107
Laurel Alcantar, Donor Services Specialist – NC ext 104