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Our fiscal year is July 1 to June 30.

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Report: A Snapshot of Poverty in Santa Barbara County 2013 (14MB PDF)*

*Foodbank CEO Erik Talkin was among the 16 community leaders invited to offer critical insights and ideas through key informant-interviews.

Social Media Guidelines

The Policy – We understand that social media can be a fun and rewarding way to share your life experiences and opinions with family, friends and coworkers.  Using social media can, however, overlap into issues that affect Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, and accordingly we ask and expect that you use it responsibly.  We’ve provided the following guidelines to help clarify some of the responsibilities included in social media.

Respect - Be fair and courteous to coworkers, volunteers, Foodbank recipients and those with whom Foodbank of Santa Barbara is associated.

Confidentiality - Maintain the confidentiality of Foodbank’s private or confidential information.

Word Time – Do not use social media while on work time.

Account Creation – Do not create social media networks in Foodbank of Santa Barbara County’s name. All social media networks must be known, maintained and managed by Foodbank.

Properly Identify Yourself - Never represent yourself as a spokesperson for Foodbank.

Campaigns & Events – All Foodbank-owned events and campaigns must be under the umbrella of the official Foodbank page or persona. Before creating a campaign or event, please ensure all branding and messaging are approved by Foodbank and are aligned with its mission.

Generating Content – We want everyone involved in Food bank to assist generate content for our Social media Sites. Photograph events, find relatable articles, or write content we can upload are among the many things you as an employee or volunteer can assist.

Do you wish do have something uploaded to our social media sites?
Forward the content to our social media manager Misha Karbelnig:
[email protected]

For Press Releases

Use this boilerplate text in press releases:
“The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County is transforming health by eliminating hunger and food insecurity through good nutrition and food literacy. The Foodbank provides nourishment and education through its award-winning programs and a network of over 330 member non-profit partners. In Santa Barbara County, one in four people receive food support from the Foodbank; over 140,575 unduplicated people of whom 36% are children. Last year, the Foodbank distributed 9.3 million pounds of food – half of which was fresh produce. For more information, visit”

Please email Jane Lindsey at [email protected], our Chief Development Officer, for approval before distribution of the release.

Quoting the Foodbank

“The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County is proud to partner with (YOUR BUSINESS NAME) because they believe in our mission to end hunger in Santa Barbara County furthermore they have invested in XXXX meals for those in need.” (Use a $1=8 meals metric)

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Our Logo 

Businesses partnering with Foodbank are allowed to use our logo for promotional purposes.
Do not alter the logo’s existing colors or its’ current ratio.